This document describes fundamental concepts found in the Fighting Game video game genre. The target audience should be familiar with video games but need not have played Fighting Games before. By the end of this document, the audience will be familiar with Fighting Games and primed to enjoy some virtual combat!

A Fighting Game is a type of video game where Players engage in close-range bouts with Avatars. An Avatar is a graphical representation of the Player and is more often called a Character. Bouts are generally fought between two Players within a limited space and limited time. The goal…

This guide contains instructions on how to use voidtools’ Everything to find all files of specific type on Windows OS (Operating System). While the following instructions were recorded on Windows 10, the steps are applicable to any version of Windows from Windows XP onwards. To be able to follow along, you must have basic familiarity with Windows.

Everything is a Windows desktop search utility that lets you rapidly find files and folders by name. It was first released in 2004 by its developer, David Carpenter. …

I want to write about the technical development of my current games but in order to do this, I believe I need to first document elements of my game design methodologies. Some of the implementation details might only “click” with a basic understanding of these game design techniques and so this is the first in a series of such write-ups.

What is Rational Game Design?

Rational Game Design is a tool for designing game experiences that was developed at Ubisoft, my prior employer. …

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